Snow Removal Holland MI

Just like you rely on Creative Property Solutions in the spring, summer and fall, you can also count on our snow plowing services in the wintertime. We have been providing our snow removal services in Holland MI and the surrounding area since 2002 before we even started in the lawn and landscaping business and we still retain some of our original customers. Our commitment to providing comprehensive snow plowing and salting services shows in our loyal long-term customers, our dedication to maintaining the high performing equipment and our ability to show up extremely early in the morning so your parking lot is cleared for your employees, clients and customers.

When that lake effect snow hits, you need a company that is reliable and dependable. We work with both commercial and residential properties so whether you need to get out of your driveway or you need to make sure your customers can push shopping carts through the parking lot, you will have a clear path free of snow and ice. We promise we will get to your company’s lot and have it taken care of before your doors open for business whether there is two inches or twelve inches of snow.

With snow comes ice and slippery sidewalks. Our crew will clear off the sidewalks and walkways as well as de-ice them so that you will not have to worry about those entering your doors can hurt themselves on the way in. Do you have a small parking lot where there are few areas we can push the snow? No worries. At Creative Property Solutions, we will use our loader to literally remove the snow from your property so you won’t have to worry about it beating down your grass or taken up precious real estate.

We maintain a variety of equipment to handle jobs as small as driveways to as large as business parks and shopping malls. Some of our trusted equipment includes:
●    Push spreaders which are perfect for spreading salt on narrow areas such as sidewalks.
●    Dump trucks for when we have to haul away a significant amount of snow.
●    Snow plows which will quickly push the snow off the parking lot and driveway so you can have a clean path from the car to the front door.
●    Good, old-fashioned shovels because we do not believe in hard to reach areas and leaving snow where our plows can’t get to it.

Each piece of equipment is sized according to each individual job ensuring your property can be well-maintained throughout the winter.

Are you looking for a company that provides snow removal in Holland MI that you know will be there at 4am if needed? Creative Property Solutions is the one for you. Once you spend a winter relying on our services, we are sure you will become a loyal customer for life. Don’t waste your mornings before heading to the office getting sweaty trying to shovel or snow blow your driveway and don’t trust your parking lots and walkways to any old company. Call Creative Property Solutions and see how we can help keep your business running even after the brutal winter storms rolling in off of Lake Michigan.

Secure your spot this winter and contact Creative Property Solutions today.