Lawn Care Holland MI

If you are looking for the best lawn care service provided by friendly and approachable technicians, then you will want to have your grass maintained by Creative Property Solutions. Our dedication to providing the highest level of service means your home or business will have a lush green lawn that is free of weeds and complements your property. We have a comprehensive lawn care program that provides fertilization and weed control up to five times per season as well as routine services such as:
●    Mowing
●    Edging
●    Trimming

Our seasonal applications are designed to promote the health and vigor of the grass and ensure the roots are well-fed in order for them to remain strong. A healthy lawn is better able to fight invasive insects and diseases, however, if your lawn is currently experiencing these issues, give us a call and we can apply the insect or disease control to rid your grass of this problem. When you live in a gorgeous community like Holland, you should also have the lawn you deserve.

One of the services we offer to help maintain a vigorous lawn is aeration and overseeding. This process relieves soil compaction and thatching while also allowing for air, water and nutrients to reach deep into the ground and feed the roots.

We have a very friendly staff working for us; many of which have remained with the company for years and years. Customers like seeing the familiar faces each spring because it means they are dedicated to providing good work, actually like what they do and have faith in the company they work for. Since they are acquainted with your property, our crew can better spot any underlying issues within the yard that need to be addressed before most people can spot them. If you have any problem areas, you can always inquire with our crew leader who will resolve the issue quickly. There is no ‘we will get back to you’ with Creative Property Solutions, you will get answers promptly and know the course of action we recommend taking.

Many people who have homes in Holland are considered part time residents. With all the gorgeous scenery around here, they prefer not to spend their leisure time fertilizing and mowing their property so they contact Creative Property Solutions. Even when they are not around, they trust that their grass is manicured and managed to the highest standards. They even sometimes ask us to put food in their birdfeeder; although not a conventional part of lawn care, we are always more than happy to oblige.

After our crew mows your lawn, we will ensure your walkways are cleared and clean out your landscape beds so that your property maintains a tidy and presentable look. As customers approach your business, you will want them to be welcomed with a sharp looking lawn that really proves how committed you are to providing the best service. We get it. We always want to showcase our very best too which is why your expectations will be met and you will be happy with a beautiful green lawn. 

At Creative Property Solutions, you won’t just get a crew coming out to your property to mow and then leave. If you are experiencing any issues or have any questions, we ask that you come up to us so we can help you out. Our upfront pricing has no hidden fees; you will know exactly the cost of the service and what to expect every time. The goal is to truly provide the best service with honesty and integrity. By using this as our guide, we have been able grow steadily since our founding in 2007 through word of mouth. See the difference in customer service and lawn care when you use Creative Property Solutions.

To experience the lawn care in Holland MI that you deserve, contact Creative Property Solutions today.