Landscaping Holland MI

Creative Property Solutions offers professional landscaping for residential properties and commercial properties in Holland MI. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and will work with you every step of the way to ensure you have the exact type of landscaping you desire. For residents, choosing to live in Holland means you love kicking back and enjoying the west side of Michigan. You probably also want a gorgeous property with beautiful landscaping for when you have guests or when you want to just relax with a glass of wine and take in a night sky filled with stars. If you own a business in Holland, having high quality landscaping is important so that your customers and employees have a delightful atmosphere to greet them as they drive up to your building.

Creative Property Solutions offers the following services and more to help manage your landscaping:
●    Deep hand pruning
●    Insect and disease control
●    Fertilization of plant materials
●    General landscape clean up including leaf and debris clean up
●    Tree maintenance

When you use our professional services, you will have trees, shrubs and bushes that are thriving throughout the year and sprouting an incredible canopy of leaves. On top of the management of landscaping in Holland MI, we also can provide landscape installation. We can install:
●    Hardscaping
●    Brick pavers
●    Softscaping
●    Irrigation

Regardless of the type of landscaping you desire, we can hook you up with two amazing landscape designers who know every plant out there and how their seasonal colors can enhance the beauty of the property. They can create the ideal set up for your home or business while keeping it within budget. During landscape installation we can position an irrigation system to keep your new softscape growing strong and receiving all the water it needs to thrive. We are truly dedicated to providing you with the landscaping you want and will not fret if you decide to change your minds regarding what you want during the process. It is your home or business and we will work with you to give you the landscaping you desire.

Property managers, business owners and residents have better things to do than worry about fertilizing their trees and shrubs or cleaning out the landscaping beds. When you have a team like Creative Property Solutions working on your property, you will have a well-maintained property with the foliage in your yard receiving the right amount of care to keep it healthy and strong. Having healthy trees, plants and shrubs will better combat any diseases or invasive insects; if we are working on your landscaping and we spot any of these issues we will make you aware of them and implement a plan to eradicate them from your property that same day.

Our highly-trained, licensed and certified crews will be able to spot problems during landscape installation before they become issues and let you know about them. As a company that provides ourselves on honesty and integrity, we will always communicate with you and we want our customers to communicate with us if they have any questions.

From small residential properties to sprawling business parks and hardscape installation to tree fertilization, you can rely on the honest and excellent work that the crew of Creative Property Solutions provides. For landscape installation and management, give Creative Property Solutions a call.